Canada is a world-leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and demand for this massive industry will only continue to rise. Who better to take the reins than 4-H’ers?

Incorporating STEM into 4-H programs is crucial to ensuring 4-H members have the tools they need to pursue career pathways in innovative and exciting fields. That’s why 4-H Canada looks forward to releasing a STEM resource guide, which will hep leaders engage youth in unique learning opportunities while gaining crucial experience in the field of STEM.

STEM programming encourages curiosity and teamwork, builds perseverance, and positions youth for future career opportunities by preparing them for an evolving job market, and equipping them with the confidence to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

While the idea of STEM may feel intimidating, it shouldn’t! Including STEM in programming is fun and easy. In fact, STEM concepts and approaches are already part of many 4-H activities and projects. In this upcoming resource, you will find ideas for talking about STEM, as well as tips on how to integrate STEM into routine club projects to help members build important, transferable skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

Get ready to go full-STEM ahead with the 4-H Canada STEM resource guide, coming soon to!