Did you know that one in every eight jobs in Canada is in agriculture? Agriculture is a significant part of Canada’s economy, employing over 2.3 million people. From a grain trader to a graphic designer or an agronomist to an accountant, the agriculture and agri-food industry offers a world of opportunity with countless career options.

Throughout the month of March, which is Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada is promoting careers in agriculture and agri-food with a social media campaign targeting Canadian youth. If you are embarking on your own career journey or know someone who is, visit www.iamthefuture.ca and learn more about the opportunities in the ag sector.

Take a peek into the future at www.iamthefuture.ca. A cool new video tool gives young Canadians the chance to see themselves in the future. Simply upload a photo and select five attributes that best describe you. You’ll get a custom AI video that shows you in different roles along with a list of potential careers in agriculture and agri-food that match your attributes and interests. To learn more about those specific jobs, visit www.thinkAG.ca, a website dedicated to promoting the wide variety of careers in the agriculture and agri-food industry.

It's a fun and creative way to learn about the many career opportunities in agriculture and agri-food in Canada. And it’s completely confidential and private. While everyone is encouraged to share their videos using the hashtag #iamthefuture, only you can share your own video.

If you’re already in the ag sector, share your ag pride and career story at www.iamag.ca. Following the same steps as young Canadians, simply take a photo, select your personal attributes and you’ll receive a customized video showcasing your unique superpowers.

By sharing stories and videos of people already working in ag, help us showcase the diversity of the agriculture and agri-food sector and show that there is a place in our industry for everyone!

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If you are embarking on your own career journey or know someone who is, visit www.iamthefuture.ca.