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4-H at Home

Hands-on activities for at-home exploring 

Are your 4-H club’s in-person activities on pause due to COVID-19? Or, do you just want even more fun activities to do from the comfort of home? If so, 4-H has your back! Check out these hands-on activities for members, families, and clubs to enjoy any time, from anywhere!

Unbox Your Mind 

When it comes to mental health, it is important to know that different approaches work better for different people. Unbox Your Mind empowers youth to get to know themselves better while learning new ways to identify and manage stress.  

With the Unbox Your Mind Activity Kit you can learn about mental health, either at home or as a club, with resources, tools, and hands-on activities. The kit is available to 4-H youth members and families, volunteer leaders for their clubs, and youth and families outside of the 4-H community who are looking for engaging and educational resources and activities.

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Dig into Soil

Explore how healthy soils contribute to addressing climate change while starting soil conservation activities at home with the new Dig into Soil initiative. The hands-on activities in this initiative encourage youth ages 8 to 16 to become soil champions in their own backyard. The Activity Book can be used by youth individually, by families at home, or by leaders and their 4-H clubs who are gathering virtually or in person.

My Plate and the Planet

My Plate and the Planet is an exciting new initiative that encourages youth ages 8 to 16 to explore the food we eat and the world around us through hands-on activities while having some 4-H fun in your own home. The Activity Book has all the background information youth will need for learning about the food we eat, with instructions for exciting hands-on activities that build upon learning at home or as a 4-H club.

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Find Your 4-H Wings

What do loons, bats and owls have in common? You can discover them all with Find Your 4-H Wings! With these Activity Books, you’ll explore native birds and bats in your own backyard and how you can protect them.

Steeped in Soil

Get your hands dirty as you learn the nitty-gritty about soils, explore healthy soils with hands-on activities, and participate in science experiments from Steeped in Soil.

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