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Request for Proposals: Curriculum Development for Outreach Initiatives


Purpose and Methodology

For over 100 years, 4-H has been one of the most highly respected positive youth development organizations in Canada. With nearly 23,000 youth members ranging in age from 6 to 25 years, 4-H clubs are supported by more than 8,700 volunteer leaders from coast to coast. As we enter the second century of providing world-class programming, we are looking to ever improve the resources we provide to the volunteers to share and teach new skills to our youth.

We are putting forward a request for proposals from resource and curriculum development specialists to develop curriculum, resources, and activities for three new Outreach Initiatives for 4-H Canada, focussing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and 4-H’s Leadership Development Pillars. Outreach Initiatives are delivered to registered 4-H clubs, 4-H members, 4-H leaders, and youth and families beyond 4-H and include an experiential learning resource with background information and interactive activities, as well as a kit with materials and supplies to apply learning in a hands-on way.

Our Mission

To empower youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that effect positive change in the world around them.

Our Vision

Thriving communities in partnership with youth leaders.

Our Motto

Learn To Do By Doing

Our Strategic Priorities


  • Serve more youth
  • Develop tools, resources, and training that attract and retain excellent leaders
  • Grow financial resources
  • Grow awareness of the 4-H brand

Business Excellence:

  • Strengthen our business infrastructure
  • Inspire business excellence
  • Enhance our business intelligence

Innovative program delivery:

  • Safe, fun, inclusive and welcoming programs
  • Strengthen the communities of practice

In alignment with our strategic plan, we have made a strong commitment to supporting the leadership development of 4-H members through various skill-building programs and experiential learning opportunities. Engagement in 4-H programs allows youth to grow as individuals and as active citizens and community members.

Our Leadership Development Pillars

4-H in Canada implements programs in thematic topic areas or Leadership Development Pillars. Pillars not only reflect club-level 4-H projects and activities but also ensure relevancy for provincial and national 4-H programs and priorities.

The four Leadership Development Pillars are:

Positive Youth Development Formula



The 4-H Positive Youth Development formula for building responsible, caring, and contributing young people who are committed to positively impacting their communities across Canada and around the world.


Project Overview and Goals

Outreach Initiatives

The objective of these new Outreach Initiatives is to provide clubs, leaders, members, and youth and families beyond 4-H with opportunities to take part in relevant and engaging activities that reflect the values and principles of 4-H Canada as a positive youth development organization that focuses on experiential learning, leadership and skill-building. Outreach Initiatives are pre-packaged activity kits that include all curriculum and materials a leader or individual needs to run activities related to the topic. 


The objectives of the Outreach Initiatives are to:

  • create opportunities for hands-on learning for leaders, youth, and families within and beyond the 4-H program.
  • advance understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how young people can play a role
  • support 4-H leaders in delivering high-quality programming that is engaging and relevant to youth
  • provide new and engaging resources
  • provide opportunities for youth to develop assets and strengths through experiential learning, which include:
  • leadership development
  • skill mastery
  • positive values
  • responsibility
  • planning and decision-making
  • sense of purpose

Scope of Work

Through this call for proposals, we are seeking writers for the curriculum development and writing of three (3) Outreach Initiative resources:

  1. SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities – 5 to 10-page resource building on mental health and well-being and focusing on the health and wellness of our communities and what we need to have or do for a community to thrive. We are seeking to educate youth on creating solutions and opportunities for their communities to be healthy, welcoming, energy-efficient, safe, and fun through community audits and assessments, and creating hands-on action plans to improve the overall health and wellness of their communities. The concept for the accompanying activity kit is to be determined through the development of the resource and activities.
  2. : Community Engagement & Communications

Timeline: To be completed by January 2022

  1. Writer selection: October 2021
  2. Resource written and completed by: November 12, 2021
  3. Peer review (by 4-H): November 2021
  4. Design and sourcing of kit contents (by 4-H): November-December 2021
  5. Resource published and kit distributed to clubs (by 4-H): January 2022
  1. SDG 9 – Affordable and Clean Energy – 5 to 10-page resource on alternative/renewable energy sources and discovering hands-on ways we can all be more energy-efficient in our own homes, on our farms, and in our towns. We are seeking to educate youth on how these technologies work and what jobs are being created to build them. The concept for the accompanying activity kit is to be determined through the development of the resource and activities.
  2. : Science & Technology

Timeline: To be completed by March 2022

  1. Writer selection: October 2021
  2. Resource written and completed by: January 13, 2022
  3. Peer review (by 4-H): January 2022
  4. Design and sourcing of kit contents (by 4-H): January-February 2022 
  5. Resource published and kit distributed to clubs (by 4-H): March 2022
  1. SDG 14 – Life Below Water – 5 to 10-page resource on how our planet is doing when it comes to the health of our oceans, freshwater, and the global water supply. We are seeking to educate youth on how pollution is affecting our fish and other life below water, the importance of recycling, and is there enough clean water in the world to go around. We are looking to build hands-on activities that explore these issues and help youth learn and understand the importance of water and the ways we can ensure the world’s water supply is protected. The idea for the accompanying activity kit is to be determined through the development of the resource and activities.
  2. : Environment & Healthy Living

Timeline: To be completed by April 2022

  1. Writer selection: October 2021
  2. Resource written and completed by: February 17, 2022
  3. Peer review (by 4-H): February 2022
  4. Design and sourcing of kit contents (by 4-H): February-March 2022
  5. Resource published and kit distributed to clubs (by 4-H): April 2022

Proposal Development and Selection of Writer

4-H Canada requests proposals from educators, freelance writers, and contractors, who have experience in resource and curriculum development, and with expertise in experiential education, youth engagement, global education, and the SDGs.

Proposals may be submitted for the development of any combination of one, two, or three resources by the writer(s).

Proposal Framework

Interested contractors must submit a detailed proposal, including:

  1. Applicant Overview
  • Who you are and your professional experience.
  • Your qualifications to complete this work.
  • The topic area you are interested in writing for.
  1. Understanding of 4-H and the Project
  • Demonstration of your familiarity with 4-H.
  • Description of your objectives and goals of the project.
  • Demonstration of an understanding of the proposed content structure.
  1. Vision for Project
  • The learning objectives you hope to achieve in the project.
  • The unique ideas you have for the project.
  • Description of how your resource will achieve experiential learning experiences for 4-H members.
  1. Experience in Topic Area
  • The ways you are qualified to write about this topic area.
  • The networks you hope to leverage to ensure relevant, thorough, youth-friendly information, and best practices.
  1. Experience in Resource Development
  • Description of past writing, training, program development, or curriculum development.
  • Inclusion of past work and references.
  1. Timelines
  • A detailed timeline for the proposed project with each step in the process, and includes research, writing, drafts, and reviews.
  1. Anticipated Cost
  • A detailed quote to ensure the delivery of high calibre resources within the agreed-upon timelines and budget.
  1. Key Contact Information

Selection Process

Resource writers will be selected based on key criteria including the following elements:

  1. Has the proposed project been outlined and communicated clearly and effectively?
  2. How well do project objectives align with 4-H Canada’s Positive Youth Development formula?
  3. Does the proposed project effectively engage youth in experiential learning opportunities?
  4. What expertise in the resource topic area does the writer have? What plans are in place to ensure information is accurate, relevant and thorough?
  5. Is the writer experienced? Do past projects and references demonstrate a high level of writing skills for a youth audience and an understanding of experiential education?
  6. Is the timeline realistic?
  7. Is the anticipated budget manageable and cost-effective? Does it reflect project management abilities?

The selected contractor will be notified by October 22, 2021

Deadline for proposal submissions: October 20, 2021, 4 pm ET

Please submit proposals by email to:
Kelsey Norris
Program Administrator, 4-H Canada

Additional Terms and Conditions of this RFP

  • 4-H Canada will not be responsible for additional fees or costs unless agreed to in advance in writing.
  • 4-H Canada may ask for additional information to clarify proposal submissions.
  • While 4-H Canada has made considerable effort to ensure the information in this RFP is accurate, such information is to be considered as a guideline and may be changed or revised at any time. If changes to this RFP occur, a revised RFP will be circulated.
  • 4-H Canada will retain ownership of the content of all resources prepared under the selected proposal.
  • All information related to this RFP process will be kept confidential by 4-H Canada.
  • 4-H Canada and the selected project partner will enter into a Letter of Agreement, laying out agreed-upon outcomes, expectations, timelines, and costs.
Deadline to apply: 
Wednesday, October 20, 2021