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4-H Canada Youth Attends President Obama's Address to Parliament

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, the Prime Minister’s Office invited a Canadian 4-H youth leader to attend President Obama’s address to Parliament during the North American Leaders Summit. 4-H Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee member, Andrea Soesbergen (QC), represented 4-H at this historic event.

4-H Alumni: Deepening our roots and growing the movement

4-H Canada’s alumni number is in the hundreds of thousands and can be found all across the country and around the globe. Theses “graduates” of the 4-H program are leaders in their industries and in their communities, and their successes are a testament to 4-H’s positive youth development (PYD) approach and programming in Canada. Having so many successful alumni represents an incredible pool of resources for 4-H in Canada. And at a time when mentorship and skills transfer is ever more important with a growing need for more people to enter the agricultural sector.

Generation Z: Harnessing the Power to Change the World

By Shannon Benner, CEO, 4-H Canada

Youth Engagement – Sowing the Seeds for the Future of Agriculture

By Shannon Benner, CEO, 4-H Canada

4-H Canada Investing in Me Internship with FoodShare

When I was first approached about the Investing in Me internship I was beyond excited at the prospect of …. I was nervous, however, as I didn’t know much about the people I’d be working with, what I’d be doing and what the experience would be overall.