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Introducing our 3 New YAC Members

4-H Alberta YAC rep. Casey Morey introduces her three new YAC mates.

Andrea Soesbergen working with a calf in her early days of 4-H

Let the Bells Ring Out. We Have a New YAC Member!

Andrea Soesbergen has had an illustrious 11 years in 4-H.

Casey Morey jogs a horse

What Does 12 Years of 4-H Do to You?

When you enter your last year of 4-H, you can get a lot of mixed feelings. Especially when you’re so dedicated to the program like myself. 4-H has done wonders for me as an individual, and as I enter my final year, I’m beginning to realize how important it has been to my life. I’ve also started to think about how I am suppose to fill the gap that 4-H has filled.

Cameron Choquette visits Earth Rangers during 2015 4-H Canada Members Forum

Cracking Eggs and Changing Lives

Having just returned back from the 4-H Member’s Forum in Toronto, ON I can recall my very first conference last year. I was selected to go to the 2013 Members Conference as a delegate from Saskatchewan and I was quite nervous.

Summer Synergy Awards Presentation


With the recent success of its 5th anniversary, Summer Synergy proves to be an event that is dedicated to the development of youth.