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Responding to the UN’s SDGs through Bayer’s Youth Ag-Summit and 4-H

The world’s global food supply is under incredible pressure.

Ten Ways to Use 4-H LEARNS

The 4-H LEARNS website is your one-stop shop to learn, access resources and network with leaders across the country, as well as 4-H profe

Five Ways to Keep Healthy Living in Mind this Holiday

Times of celebration like Christmas, Hanukah and New Years can bring friends and family together, but it can also bring challenges to our

Finding and Working with a 4-H Canada Science Fair Mentor

One of the biggest advantages of participating in the 4-H Canada Science Fair is finding a mentor to bounce ideas off of, ask questions t

What We Discovered about Canada and 4-H through our Club to Club Exchanges

Each year groups of 4-H members take part in a cross-country exchange to explore other Canadian regions and put their hometowns on displa